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The Mayben Company

Who We Are

For many, understanding every aspect of personal finance can be daunting. 

That’s where The Mayben Company comes in. Whether you have significant assets to manage—or if you are just starting to accumulate wealth—we have the tools and background to provide the services that may fit your needs. My personal goal is to provide you with guidance that can help you understand and better define your financial goals. I work hard to create a mutually beneficial and respected long-term relationship with my clients and their families.

As a member of the community for several years, I take pride in knowing that I have helped many people pursue the type of financial future they dreamed about.

“Serving our clients through two generations”

Our Story

When Philip Mayben first founded The Mayben Company, he had no idea that the it would evolve into the practice it is today. What he did know, however, was that he wanted to help others decipher their financial lives and pursue the things that meant the most to them. In doing so, he built personal relationships with his clients and acted as both an advisor and a friend.

Today we stand by the same values that The Mayben Company was founded on since the beginning, including integrity, transparency, and education. Tim's practice has evolved into a safe space where individuals can come for guidance and a professional who understands them.

We are a family company, first. We were born out of the desire to help families in our community pursue financial flexibility, and we continue to work toward this goal every day.

Our Philosophy

Where do you see yourself in five, ten, or fifteen years? What if instead of worrying about your finances, you could focus on what you love?

At The Mayben Company, you are at the core of what we do. Your needs, wants, and objectives come before anything else, and our goal is for you to feel confident that you are in control of your financial life.

When you walk into our office, you won't be faced with a closed door, and your meetings won't be with a stuffy advisor behind an intimidating desk. Instead, you will be welcomed as a part of the Mayben family and treated with the respect and care that you deserve. Simply put, you're not just a client; you're family. We work hard to offer you a relaxed and welcoming environment that feels like home. Reach out today to experience a more personal approach to retirement and long-term planning.

I would enjoy learning more about your goals and dreams.

Thank you!